About Us

Businesses all over the globe incur huge losses due to damaged, old, and obsolete assets. Road accidents during transit, fire damage, water-logging, and other such incidents can also cause huge damage to assets. Tools and plants, machinery, capital equipment, and other assets can become unusable.

Such things quickly turn into liabilities from assets. Businesses have to bear the costs of storing and maintaining them while whatever value is left in those assets also keeps going down.

Most businesses fall prey to such situations as they are unavoidable. Fires, floods, and accidents are inevitable realities that most businesses face once in a while. These things are more common and gruesome in India due to lack of proper and safe storage space, a high number of road accidents, and water-logging issues.

In the end, the insurance companies have to bear the brunt. They have no other option than to salvage the goods.

These are the situations which are the most beneficial for the unscrupulous middlemen who take advantage of such situations and try to fleece insurance firms and businesses of the precious little they could recover from the damaged goods they own.

In such situations, even the buyers of the goods are also not on the winning side. Usually, regulations are not followed by the middlemen. There are several issues related to the safe transit of the goods. The terms between the buyer and seller are not clarified beforehand and hence the deals never really go through. This means in the end, both the parties are left hanging in the balance.

We, at Seal the Deal, work with the motto of streamlining the process of salvaging the goods in a more efficient and effective way. Our priority always remains to speed up the whole process and keep the paperwork uptight so that there are minimum legal issues faced afterward.

We try to make things smoother for the sellers as we understand that they are the ones losing most of their capital in this deal. We ensure that the payments are made through safe and secure channels.

From the process of bidding to the process of finally clearing the material from the site, we always remain in the loop. We provide end to end services to our clients.

For the buyers, expedited delivery and fewer legal issues are always a priority and therefore, we ensure that they don’t arise due to problems in the processing. We streamline the process of lifting through our expert team who coordinates continuously wth the Seller so tht no hassles are faced after making the payment.

Through our capable and experienced team, we ensure that there are no legal tussles between both parties and they can work smoothly.

Through our years of experience in the field, we have a long list of buyers in all segments. We strive to keep this list growing and provide every seller with the best value for their goods.

We hope that your journey with us would be fruitful and fulfilling. We invite you to join us and experiencethe journey to seamless salvaging.